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    @emo command Empty @emo command

    Post  Bryan- on Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:16 am

    } else if (splitted[0].equals("emo")) {
    player.updateSingleStat(MapleStat.HP, 0);

    Since the sever doesn't have it,here it is.

    Here's another forum thingy.

    Remove the "Free Forum:" in front of SkittlezzMS

    Go to Admin Panel ->General->Search Engines and change the "Free forum:SkittlezzMS" to "SkittlezzMS".Same to the description, just remove the "Free forum:".

    Again,just in case you don't know how to go or very confused:


    Add back the "mediumstat" PLayer NPC. It's very important.When a player closes his shop, they get their $$ from that npc.It's the same as the "Fredrick" in the real MapleStory

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