Server's New Unique System?!

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    Server's New Unique System?! Empty Server's New Unique System?!

    Post  [>Horizon<] on Thu Oct 14, 2010 11:59 pm

    Hey Guys Eclipse here!
    Aka Sky

    Well i was bored, so i wrote some systems so our coder and code these in
    yes i know these arent perfect. I will have more systems and ideas coming
    meanwhile you guys can write your own system and post it in the comments below

    Well here it goes!

    1st System: Wolf System

    The Wolf system allows you to have a pet, and the mount
    of the wolves i.e. Werewolf, Werewolf [2], Werewolf [3]. Ryu Ho (Ryko)
    There are 4 types of wolf skills.

    1.) Hunting Wolf-TimberWolf-Werewolf

    The perfect hunting partner to hunt for items!

    the higher level your wolf
    the higher change that the
    same item will drop from one monster!

    Levels and Chance

    -----Added in later

    2.) Rage Wolf-Werewolf [2]

    The damage booster and exp booster Partner!

    This wolf allows your damage to go up to 1000% ur normal damage!
    and ur exp can go up to 70x your normal exp!
    The higher the level your wolf
    the more damage and exp boost to your stats.

    Levels and Boost

    -----Added in Later

    3.) Shadow Wolf-Werewolf [3]

    The speed booster, Mesos Booster, and the special skill wolf Smile

    This wolf mainly boosts your mesos rate up to 100x
    depending on the level of the wolf.
    Everytime you log on. You will have haste and your weapon booster
    on automatically. your weapon booster will be slightly fast than normal.
    Here's the special skill.
    Once your wolf reaches level 20 (max level)
    You will gain a GM skill-Hide.
    This Hide WILL allow u to be invisible ONLY to players.
    GMs and Donors with Donor Status WILL BE ABLE TO SEE YOU.
    The Hide skill has a time limit of 2minutes and the cooldown is 3minutes.

    Levels and Boost
    ----Added in Later

    4.)Leader of the Pack-Ryko

    The Alpha Wolf. Connections Very Happy

    This wolf is unique, but it's only skill is to teleport.
    This is the wolf you want if you slack a LOT. It does nothing
    for your rates, but it can use 2 skills.
    which are

    You're thinking..@find??
    isnt that a normal player command?
    Well yes..but this @find allows you to find a friend or whatever
    and then it will ask you whether or not to @warp to them.
    (Cooldown between uses--1-2minutes)

    @track mainly stalks the player
    so if the player warps somewhere you do too.
    (Cooldown between uses--4-5minutes)

    You are allowed to post your own.
    and have fun inventing Very Happy


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