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    Post  Slam on Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:05 pm

    All of the feedback below are some stuff that I found other servers have and would make someone want to join. I'm giving you feedback on your server because I want to make it more popular and let players have a better experience.
    I'm not saying you have to do EVERY SINGLE ONE but at least take some into consideration. I can help you out for them too.

    Make @zakum work (it doesn't work now because it warps you to horntail.)

    Fix the increase of 50 str every rebirth because when you have
    32767 stats then it increases by 50, you get negative stats.

    Fix occupation npcs (The script is missing for the ones that are supposed to give you a PQ in order to advance your occupation.)

    Pvp (because everyone likes a good pvp.)

    Targa/scarlion PQ for rewards.

    Custom/rare mounts/chairs and put them in the mount/chair seller but the custom/rare ones should be A LOT more money and or obtainable by PQ.

    Fix voting system because you don't have a voting system npc that connects the amount of vote points someone has and into an npc and let's them buy stuff with the points yet. Find out rewards for the points too.

    Get rid of the stat re setter for 50m and just put @<stat> <negative/positive> <stat> (example: @str -325, @luk 123) in @help/@command/@commands.

    Get a skill maxer that maxes ALL the classes and not just one class like the one you have now.

    v83 hairs/face/skin because your KIN/Nima KIN npcs only have up to v75 hair/eyes/skin.

    Try making ccing or @go/@goto available in maps where you usually cant like horntail or zakum.

    Alliance for guilds (if there isn't already because alliancing is cool.)

    All and full ring effects.

    Achievements like getting a certain amount of kills could get you an achievement that rewards you achievement points for an achievement npc or just gives you NX like the old v55 - v75 had.

    Weddings (for noobs who online date.)

    Try making timeless/rare equipment available through a seller or a PQ.

    SRB system.

    JQ for rewards/points.

    Leveling up equipment (I'm not sure how that would work but it seems cool and would make more players join.)

    Belt up grader (your repack should have had one...)

    Make NX more available by doing things like lowering the price, make it available by voting, etc because new players
    want to have nx easier. I'm not saying spoon feed but at least make it a tad easier.

    Get a banner for the vote sites.

    Get your server plastered on at least 5 more private server sites.

    Fix the "Thanks to the crew who defeated horntail after numerous attempts" message that appears because it appears BEFORE you beat horntail, just as it spawns and it's supposed to display after you beat it.

    Change the occupation system so when you level it up, for the first occupations you actually increase the exp rate instead of decrease because currently, the system was made for another rate server and it doesn't fit the rates we have. It's really only for the 1st - 6th occupation that if you level it up it turns to 250x - 500x.

    More medals that can be obtained by doing objectives such as killing a certain amount of monsters or having a certain amount of money or getting to a certain amount of rebirths.

    Hope I helped and I'll try to give more feedback when I can.

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